1940 Dana Ave. 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH

Humans have ten fingers. The number ten is the basis for the majority of the number systems in the world. This seemingly arbitrary physiology has given rise to global commerce, calendars and effected culture and scientific understanding in dramatic ways. From the roman number X to the arabic 10 to the zero’s and one’s that power our microprocessors, ten is everywhere! Celebrate the decagonal ubiquity of the sum of the first three prime numbers, the number following 9 and preceding 11, our most integral integer at an opening party at Boom gallery this Friday October 10th, 2014. (10/10)

Artists Include:

Denise Wellbrock
Samantha Dorgan
Jillian Ross
Haley Lauw & Elise Thompson
Melissa Kasey
Jacob Lynn
Christy Wittmer
Jiemei Lin & Anh Tran
Greg Swiger
M Michael Smith
Philip LaVelle
Scott Bell


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