Totem_StackFriday November 14 
BOOM Gallery, 1940 Dana Ave
Cincinnati, OHIO
Closing 11/21
Abby Cornelius
Anastasiya Yatsuk
Ashley Jonas
Christy Wittmer
Corrina Mehiel
Curtis Goldstein
Cynthia Gregory
Denise Burge
Erin Williams
Greg Swiger
Joe Hedges
Julia Sebastian
Karla Batres
Kate Tepe
Kyla Dawson Harding
Laura Herman
Lauren McCarty
Loraine Wible
Matt Lynch
M Michael Smith
Paul Rodgers
Tessa Gross
Tina Westerkamp
Zach Sawan

Synonyms: symbol, emblem, token, or figure.

“That thing reminds me of this time when I was in 7th grade.”

“I used to have this stuffed alligator, it was just the best. I took it with me everywhere.”

“I don’t know what happened to it.”

“My Grandmother gave me this jacket and it’s so great. It doesn’t fit me but I can’t seem to get rid of it.”

We fill our spaces with objects that carry reminders of who we are, who were were and who we would like to be. They remind us that we belong there. The meaning is somehow embedded in the thing.

Our totems manifest in keep-sakes and mementos, and in everyday things like the clothes we wear. The objects that give us power are often attached to a memory or a certain time in our lives. As artists we are curious about the totems we surround ourselves with and wonder if art can ever cross over into totem status.

Rituals are useful for making us pause and acknowledge significant times in our lives. The ritual of burning old objects heavy with the weight of the past is a long-practiced tradition by many cultures. A burning of things (and their accompanying associations) that we wish to remove from our conscience.

In addition to the art works exhibited inside Boom Gallery, Zach Sawan will be leading one such burning in an informal manner. If you have any objects that you’ve been holding onto and are ready to release, you are welcome to take part. The burning vessel has a six inch mouth, so anything smaller than that can be accommodated.

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