Boom gallery presents My Girls, the first solo exhibition by Teri Coffman, a recent BA graduate of Northern Kentucky University. The exhibition features a series of self-portrait oil paintings depicting Coffman as fantastical characters, with supporting bronze sculptures and etchings.

Each of Coffman’s characters has a particular background story that exists in a networked fantasy world inspired by adolescent passions including anime, movies, video games and heavy metal.

Coffman’s characters possess a strength and directness that is conspicuously absent from female self-portraits throughout painting history–as well as absent from representations of women by men. While the characters have whimsical, lighthearted names like Teege VonTedi and Rei Osaka, Coffman’s portraits are refreshingly confrontational representations of herself, at a moment when popular culture continues to privilege stories and images featuring damsels in distress.

Coffman explains, “Throughout high school and early college I was extremely nice and passive, making it easy for people to take advantage of me and my kindness. As a result I created these characters and eventually started to mold myself after their tough and untrusting nature. We all share many traits, strengths and talents, but also many weaknesses and fears. Most of their stories involve finding the true friends they desire and overcoming the many obstacles they face through their lifetimes.”

Reception free and open to the public
Thursday May 21, 5pm-7pm
Boom Gallery
1940 Dana Ave., Second Floor
Cincinnati, OH

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